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I’ve been sitting cross-legged in bed (battling insomnia, of course…I feel like many a blog may have been created in the throes of sleeplessness) attempting to think of an acceptable way to begin my re-entry to the blog world. My last attempt, which can be witnessed here, has served its purpose. But I am now entering a different chapter in my life.

The chapter of almost being engaged. Being pre-engaged, if you will.

What this means is that my mind is constantly clogged with anatomy figures, wedding dresses, and keeping a long distance relationship afloat. Quite the combination.

So I thought that the best way to reintroduce myself to the world of blogging would be through a revised ten year plan. Mostly because it is so easy to lose sight of the big picture when the day to day details are so overwhelming. And also because it makes me incredibly happy to think about.

In 10 years, I am in a healthy, loving, and supportive relationship. That relationship is with The Boy and I look forward to the upcoming years of continuing to grow with each other. We are married and ready to grow our little family. We  keep the romance alive by having weekly date nights  and say I love you every 2 seconds. I “drag” him to all of my races and important events because we are be invested in each other’s lives. We also maintain our independence by having time to ourselves and time out with our friends. Our relationship is full of respect, mushiness, and silliness.

Family is a priority. We visit our families as often as we possibly can, no matter where in the country we live. We maintain good relationships with both of our sets of parents and talk frequently on the phone with them.

We live in an outdoorsy city dedicated to healthy living (I’m looking at you, Boston/DC/Austin/etc) and live in a super cute condo. It is full of personal items that we have picked up from various trips and plenty of antiques. We are considering looking to buy a house in the near future. It isn’t necessary for us to own a house, though, because we are cozy and settled where we are and enjoy the free-ness of not having household upkeep. We are comfortable and coming home to The Boy after a long day at work is the only thing that truly matters.

Going out to eat is an important part of our lives but we  continue to try new recipes at home and enjoy cooking meals for ourselves. Eating healthily will is an important goal in my life because I  need to fuel my body properly for my running and, soon, having a baby.

I have run at least 1 marathon and would like to qualify for Boston. Running and biking are a regular part of my life because it relieves my stress and keeps me healthy. I also practice yoga a few times a week and visit new studios whenever possible.

I am working on opening my own private practice while working at a successful private practice. I don’t need to make a million dollars and I definitely don’t want to work an inordinate amount of hours a week, I just want to make enough money to support a comfortable lifestyle and my running clothes obsession. Work is important to me because I am passionate about my field but it is NOT my entire life and I am fulfilled by many things, not just by how I get my paycheck.

Savings are important, however.We have enough money saved up so that I only need to work part-time once we have kids and we will be able to send our future baby to excellent private schools because education is a huge priority in our life.

Traveling is also an integrative part of our life, whether it be close by or long-distance. We love exploring new places and creating new traditions for our little family. Most of our trips are within driving distance, though, because we will have an adorable cat and a silly dog to keep us company at home.

In 10 years, I am happy, vibrant, and enjoying all that life has to offer. I know that things can change in an instant so, overall, I roll with the punches and always find the silver lining.

I hope that this blog will serve as an outlet for all of my wedding ideas, school vents, life vents, and yoga/running ventures. Life has been oh so hectic lately, so much so that I often lay in bed unable to stop my brain, so I am greatly looking forward to having my own little brain space.

Here’s to new beginnings.