Benefit number 1 is clearly that your coffee now has a delicious and creamy hint of chocolate.

Benefit number 2 is the smile that follows the first sip (of any caffeine, especially at 6:30 am…especially when that caffeine is chocolate-y delicious).

It’s the little things that truly make a difference.

The little things like hot water hitting my sleepy face. Or sprinkling locally made granola over thick yogurt.

Or buying a new magazine after surviving two hours of admittedly not so thrilling case presentations, just as a bribe to go to the gym.

Or having an almost full day off to catch up on studying and life duties that have fallen to the wayside (ahem, laundry and any form of taking care of general adult responsibilities).

Or knowing that a sweet potato and cashew butter await me, ready to be demolished for lunch.

Without the little things, it’d be difficult to remember the big picture. Which is slightly ironic considering that it is sometimes the little things that cause big picture amnesia. I am quite guilty of sometimes being a big picture amnesiac.

When my alarm went off this morning, I was less than thrilled that the sun was not yet up. And that it was 45 degrees. And that I was about to trek to school for grand rounds. But I knew that my travel mug was filled to the brim with chocolate-y coffee and it made the early morning a little more okay.