I purchased my first wedding magazine at the grocery store this morning. I truly felt like one of those girls, thinking about wedding colors and dresses and themes before there is a ring on my finger.

Speaking of wedding dresses, I am currently having a love affair with lace-y styles…

I’m currently debating continuing to study for my exam tomorrow or catching up on Grey’s Anatomy episodes…the dilemma is ever present — do I want to watch fake TV doctors or study more to become a doctor?

Exams after Fall Break are cruel and unusual punishment. Although I am proud to say that I took 2 naps, one being over an hour long. Coming from a non-napper, this is big news.

I am going to be productive and study during my off-times on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is not so much a confession as it is motivation for me to actually do it.

I just ate an entire bag of potato chips. Why hello, bad study munchies. How I have not missed you. Argh.

And, to end on a happy note, I am completely smitten with Fall drinks (ahem, hot apple cider…why must you be so delicious?!)