The past few weeks, aka midterms, have been straight out of hell. A weird, happy, “omg I’m actually learning” kind of hell, but hell nonetheless. Think: long nights of studying and paper-writing interspersed with dreams of collagen genes (true story…I woke up in a cold sweat last night after dreaming that I wrote an entire genetics paper incorrectly). Honestly, I’ve never been happier than I am right now. But, I have also never been more exhausted.

Thankfully I have had a few things to keep myself alert. Or at least out of REM sleep in the middle of the day.

1. Bailey’s coffee creamer. It’s new and it is fabulous. Just ah-mahzing. It can make the bitterest, blackest coffee taste like it came from a fancy coffee shop. And considering how my caffeine intake has been lately, it’s a god send to have a tasty way to transport said caffeine to my body.

2. Big Bang Theory. Mostly because it’s hilarious, but also because their smartness (and Penny’s lack of smartness) somehow motivates me to study.

3. A brand new clinical rotation. I had been seeing the “same old stuff” since this semester started and I have finally entered the realm of “holy crud, that is mind boggling and interesting“. It almost keeps me from dreading the 6:30 starting time.

4. Pajamas. As soon as I get home, they come on. The Boy thinks my changing immediately upon stepping in the door is ridiculous, but after spending 10-12 hours attempting to look professional, flannel pants and grubby tank tops look like heaven to me.

5. Engagement rings. (You know I couldn’t avoid slipping in one wedding-related confession). Whenever I find myself bored or stressed, I simply scan the room for any bling. You may call it the weirdest coping mechanism ever, I call it fun.