That picture sums up my night. My brain is fried.

I need to go to Target, I need to finish a lab write-up, I need to study for an exam, and I need to prepare for clinic. I need to do a lot of things, so naturally I am looking at internet memes consisting of grammatically incorrect cats.


It’s safe to say that it has entered “that part” of the semester. The part of the semester where Google Reader is far more appealing than any text book could ever be. And, dare I say it, the part of the semester where I just tried to type text and wrote out “tekst” instead. I could not lie about something that abhorrent.

But life is good because in 3 1/2 days, I will officially be. on. break. (!!!) That means no assignments, no studying, and no school. Get this…for an ENTIRE week! So even though I need to get to school at 6:30 tomorrow morning and field cranky early morning patients in clinic and turn in the vaguest lab assignment ever on Thursday, life is good.

It’s sometimes hard to be cheerful when professors decide it’s acceptable to rain assignments down on you like dollar bills (I wish they were dollar bills…), when a moth somehow finds it way into your bedroom and turns you into a flailing maniac as it frantically swoops through the air, or when your umbrella breaks just when you need to walk to school in the pouring rain.

But a good friend made a wonderful point to me earlier today as I was reduced to tears (thanks exhaustion!) in the hallway this morning. She told me, “Right now they are breaking us down. They are crumbling us into tiny pieces. And it’s so tiring right now and we want to quit. But in reality, they’re just breaking us down so we can blossom into spectacular doctors and individuals.”

‘Nuff said.