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Yes, the title is my feeble attempt at making today seem spectacular. But even just writing that today is spectacular is making it seem better. Hmm. Spectacular, spectacular, spectacular.

Diagnosis: There is not enough caffeine in the world to make this morning feel less dark and rainy.

Prognosis: Fair. I’ve got a pot of coffee brewing. But it is raining, so that negates some of the coffee’s effects…even though there are no windows where I can see that it’s raining.

Prescription: Well, coffee. And copious amounts of daydreaming about how splendid it will be to sit around and do NOTHING come Friday at 12:45 of so.

I’m currently working on a list of how I am going to spend my glorious week off. Currently I have:

– Read. I just bought some great new books and I’ve been working on the last of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series since July…so maybe I’ll finally get through that.

– Sleep. Duh. But more importantly, wake up with no alarm. Even on my days off, I set an alarm so I don’t stay in bed until 10:30 or some other utterly ridiculous time. But that rule is flying out the window as soon as my plane touches down.

– Run. Weird, but true. I miss getting to exercise without feeling like I’m about to fall asleep on the elliptical…

– Catch up on my Netflix cue. I’ve been dying to watch more episodes of Bones and Psych. Unfortunately, I only have time for one pre-bed episode right now, but that’s all about to change…

Any ideas?

It’s funny how my “dream list” consists of pretty mundane things. But I’m learning more and more that it’s the little things that truly make the biggest impact on life.