…the kind who kicks ass and takes names

…the kind who lives life for herself, apologetically

…the kind who realizes that work isn’t everything, but loving what she does is still important

…the kind who runs, does yoga, and flosses her teeth every night

…the kind with one of those, “wow, they are perfect for each other” relationships

…the kind who doesn’t look back as past events and say, “what if.”

…the kind who speaks her mind

…the kind who eats pizza and drinks beer with the boys, while completely dressed in pink

…the kind who never gives up but knows when to call it quits

…the kind who knows that taking care of herself is necessary in order to continue helping others

…the kind who gets excited over the tiny details but doesn’t sweat the small stuff

…the kind who loves her body, even on those squishy days

…the kind who lives life aloud, unabashedly, every. single. day.

I want to be that kind of woman.