All I wanted to do was some yoga.

I rushed home from seeing patients to spandex up (after stopping to get a HUGE iced coffee…I’ve been off the caffeine for 4 days and let me tell you, that is not safe for a graduate student to do…), looked up directions to the new studio I was ready to try out, grabbed my yoga mat, and ran out the door.

Only to arrive and discover that there was no parking lot.

I circled around the block and miraculously found some street parking. I hate street parking (let’s just say I’ve been towed a few too many times). But I hesitantly pulled into the spot, parked, and then trucked over to the studio.

Yeah. The door was locked.

So there I was, decked out in spandex, pulling on a locked door. In an unsavory neighborhood. Parked where I didn’t feel comfortable. I waited for a few minutes, hoping I’d see signs of life in the studio, but no such luck. So I left, heartbroken and still wanting to do some yoga.

Thankfully I have some Yoga Download classes exist; after brushing up on some poses, I turned on my yoga mix (yes, I have a yoga mix…music is what gets me going) and I’m feeling much better 40 minutes later. I miss getting to do yoga in a legit studio, but it felt good to get all bendy again. And it was a nice reminder that all you need are some comfy clothes and a floor to get down with the yog.