Hot yoga was a complete and utter success.

To say that I’m sore today would be a little bit of an understatement…as a lapsed Vinyasa girl, I was not accustomed to holding the poses for maybe 10-15 seconds. So one minute of chair…yeah, that burned. In the best possible “suck it, stress” way.

For the rest of the day, I was floating around on a yoga buzz.

The class itself was fabulous, but the staff had drop-dead gorgeous personalities and were so completely willing to embrace newbies, I was floored. After a couple of rough weeks, it nearly brought me to tears to be welcomed like family by someone that I had never met in my entire life.

Anywho, I will definitely be going back. If not for the physical benefits, for the mental benefits. It was nice to walk around for an afternoon *without* feeling like any wrong move could just send me into breakdown mode. Yeaaah, I’d say that’s even better than a glowing complexion and rock-hard abs.