In 1 year, I am happier than I have ever been. I’ve made some tough decisions and looked long and hard at what direction my life is headed in and I am finally content. School is still hard and life still has its challenges, but I am finally in a mental space that allows me to tackle every new obstacle head on.

I am living in my dream city. I’ve joined the food co-operative, visit the farmer’s market on Saturdays, and enjoy all of the wonderful opportunities that the community offers. Hiking is only a short drive away and the Boy and I take full advantage of that every chance we get.

The Boy and I have gotten engaged and are in the process of setting a wedding date and planning our big day. We are enjoying engaged life and have gotten our own kitten. We each still have our own apartments but spend as much time together as possible, studying and cooking dinner and just generally lazing around.   Dinners out are treats and we’ve found some couple friends to go out on the town with.

My apartment is a cozy sanctuary. I have a space for my yoga mat, unique furniture, and have spent time and effort to make 800 square feet feel as home-y as possible. I enjoy DIY crafts and have put in as many personal touches as possible so that coming home in the evening is a joy, not a dread.

I am only 2 years away from graduation and loving every second of it. My doctoral project is coming along, my clinical rotations are sometimes annoying but always fulfilling, and classes are stressful in the best way possible. I am grateful for the chance I had to relocate and return to a school where I feel appreciated and respected.

Healthiness is still a huge focal point in my life. I practice yoga regularly at a local studio and am beginning to think of possibly doing teacher training. I am also running on a regular basis and am planning to run another half marathon or two and am looking to maybe beginning branching out into trail races. I spend as much time outdoors walking, running, and biking as possible and relegate myself to the gym only when it is rainy or too cold. I’ve also invested in a cycling trainer.

In 1 year, I am feeling unabashedly happy and exuberant and am loving life. When something feels wrong, I take steps to fix it. When something feels uncomfortable, I assess whether it is because I am outside of my comfort zone or the situation is truly not right for me. I am taking steps to keep pushing my own physical and mental boundaries and making sure to take care of myself so that I can better help others. Oh, and I have also paid off my credit card bill…