E for Espresso, that is.

It’s that time in the semester when, no matter how many hours I sleep and no matter how many cups of coffee I drink, I still end up feeling exhausted. I can blame that on horrific seasonal allergies, having 5000 assignments to complete, and just general holycrapfinalsarecoming stress.

But it’s okay because a) I get to take delicious afternoon naps, b) there is only one week of class left and c) see below!!!

…I have accomplished the biggest goal on my April goals for this week: I figured out where I will be living in 3 weeks. Well, alright, it’s truly more like 4 weeks now that I have an actual moving day set.

Basically, I got tired of waiting for someone to give me the go-ahead and made a unilateral decision to just pack up and move 3 hours away to attend school #2. I had already been guaranteed fall enrollment so I figured either I’d be able to swing signing up for summer classes somehow or I’d just get a job. I knew that either way, things would work out.

I never used to be able to place my faith in the universe like that but when it comes down to it, I’m okay with a little uncertainty as long as it’s moving me in the right direction. And, in this case, the right direction just happens to be 200 miles east.

Sometimes life needs some leaps of faith. And a lot of espresso.