No, I am not above continually making date jokes about hot yoga.

I am that in love with it. And wish that I could go every. single. day.

I got extra sweaty today and it was just sublime. 105 degree temperatures, twisting, and holding postures apparently suit my personality. Perhaps a Vinyasa girl can truly evolve.

Today we did 2 standing series after the warm-up series, which meant longer holding of poses and repeats of each pose. Which, of course, made me feel the burn and had me reaching up to wipe sweat from my eyes multiple times. My poor thighs don’t know how to feel today.

But again, sublime.

This week has been rough but I felt like it all melted onto my watermelon print beach towel (my sore attempt to seem quirky whilst in class in order to hide my utter broke-ness).

This seems to be a trend.

When I first started doing yoga back in my undergraduate years, it was the only thing I had. Sad, I know. I had just stopped running cross-country and was attempting to rehabilitate from good ‘ole ED. This could be a pity story if it weren’t for the fact that yoga is what kept me going.

And then I got better. And then I stopped practicing on a regular basis.

It seems that I only dust off my trusty mat when the road gets bumpy, which I suppose is fine. Stepping on the squishy rubber is comforting, like wearing a worn out old t-shirt.

So branching out and trying hot yoga was hard for me. It meant venturing out to a studio, looking at myself during a mirror, and completely stepping out of my comfort zone. And I have to tell you, getting out of my “box” is the most itchy, twitchy feeling for me.

But I’m getting more comfortable with the discomfort. It almost feels kind of good. Especially in 105 degree rooms.