So, an attempt to keep myself from going crazy, I am implementing some early mornings.

Granted, most of my mornings are *already* pretty darn early. But an extra hour or so in the morning will do me good.

I say that now, at 10 pm, while in my cozy bed not needing to be anywhere until noon tomorrow. I’m pretty sure when 5 am arrives tomorrow I’ll be singing another tune.

How do you motivate yourself to get up early?

My favorite finals season morning tips:

-Espresso. And lots of it. Coffee is the essence of surviving the 2 weeks of finals hell.

-Morning yoga. Stretching first thing in the morning awakens my brain.

-Lists, lists, lists. And a schedule. Knowing what I need to accomplish (and when) each and every day is essential to being productive.

-Water. Because a girl can’t only hydrate with espresso (as much as I want to). It’ll help alleviate some puffy eyes and keep me energized.

-Balanced breakfast (and eat it in bed…). I popped 1/2 cup of Irish oats + 1% milk + chocolate Amazing Grass into the fridge for some overnight oats lovin’ in the morning (to be topped with sunflower seed butter…I literally cannot wait).