Lately, my diet has consisted of coffee and junk.

Which of course leads to me feeling like I’ve ingested nothing but coffee and junk.

And to my defense, it was finals season (Friday was officially the last day I have to be at school! Next stop: a place where education means support and *actual* teaching). Which means that if it were possible to have intravenous caffeine, I would probably have done it. Non-stop coffee is just an inevitable part of passing exams.

But the junk part. Yeah, I could live without that. Especially after a weekend of “woohoo no more studying for a month” celebratory debauchery. My digestive system is throwing in the proverbial towel.

I think the junk part is what is leading me to feeling like I need 12 cups of coffee a day simply to function.

Which brings me to my next thought.

I need to get all of this junk out of me.

I feel a bit petty for detoxing, like I’m looking for a quick fix or running away from something. Because that was my old pattern: eat like crap and then detox. But I’ve been turning over a new leaf. And this semester has led to a lot of stress and anxiety build-up that even multiple hours of yoga and runs couldn’t always break up. So I feel like a cleanse is a way to give my body a break. Hitting the reset button, so to speak.

So what does a detox mean to me, exactly? It doesn’t mean no solid foods or weird maple syrup concoctions, that’s for sure. It doesn’t mean no meals. It just means whole foods, in an adequate amount, and mostly green things. And fruit. Veggies + fruit + water + light eating during the day + normal dinner + yoga + running = my perfect detox.

Business in the morning, party in the evening. The mullet of detoxes.

A new home, a new body, a new life. That is what May will bring.