Yesterday was the last day that I will see a lot of friends that I made in this city.

We all made promises to keep in touch and visit but we all know how that goes.

For me, that is the hardest part about moving. Packing up my life into boxes is kind of rough, but leaving the people you’ve grown comfortable with is even rougher.

I’ve let go of everything else but them, it seems. Thinking about it makes me feel dizzy and my heart palpitate.

I’ve spent a large majority of my free time collecting boxes and attempting to corral all of my junk so I am not scrambling to do it the night before it’s time to load the U-Haul…which is my typical M.O.

Now that everything I own is in boxes and bags and odds and ends are strewn across my bedroom and my bookshelf is looking like a skeleton, it’s all getting really real really fast.

Last week I couldn’t wait for this weekend to get here. This week I can’t believe it got here so fast.

Part of my mind is screaming, “whoaaa Nelly, slow it down…are you sure you made the right decision.”

And of course the answer is, “I don’t know.”

I don’t know if I made the right decision. I made the decision that seems to be the best for me. And I will feel okay about everything once the U-Haul is loaded and I’m outside city limits. And I will make new friends and discover new and exciting places to do yoga and test my stamina. I will find new professors to do research with. I will become a more accomplished clinician. I will be able to learn from people who genuinely care about teaching me.

Everything will be okay. But right now it is alright for me to feel like my life has broken into lots of tiny bits because I’m slowly picking them up and rebuilding myself into a better, more awesome version. Me 2.0.

And it is going to rock.