When thinking about moving, I’ve been a little bit more negative than usually lately.

But, in truth, there are a million things that I am excited about: my own full size washer and dryer, my own patio, my own apartment for decorating. Literally, the list could go on forever. I am just that excited about getting to pack up and basically re-invent myself in a place that I love. Even though it hurts. And is terrifying. But nothing good ever came from cowering in my comfort zone.

Anywho. I am most excited about my yoga prospects.

As in getting to work for a yoga studio.

Which, to me, means: girl, you better get your yoga on.

I had been practicing for an hour about once a week and I had been getting in the groove of doing at-home practice for about 10 minutes a day.

But in the pre-finals weeks I fell off the wagon a bit and, needless to say, I became ashamed of my lack of flexibility and lack of knowledge. I know that sitting behind the front desk requires little to no yoga skillz, but I would prefer to not look like a total newb.

So I set myself on a yoga boot camp of sorts. Which, in my meant, simply do as much yoga as I could possibly squeeze in while studying for finals and (now) packing. And I’m proud to announce that in the last 10 days, I managed to do 6 hours of yoga.

And if I hadn’t had finals or classes on those other 4 days, I know that I would have gotten my butt into class.

I am sincerely proud of the progress I’ve made. In standing head to knee, my teacher urged me to kick out today. Downward dog is becoming a restorative pose instead of a chore. Chaturanga is no longer impossible. Triangle is becoming my friend. I’m becoming more and more bending in noticeable ways and it is thrilling.

I’m not perfect. I don’t think anyone ever is since I believe that we can always continue to grow our practice. But I cannot say how exciting it is to leave the “obviously hasn’t practiced in a while” category and begin to enter the “practices regularly and is making progress”. Or how good it feels.

Because damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

Growing my practice has prepared me to be a studio do-it-all-er. And I am pumped.