GRIT being Girl Raised In The South.

And y’all being what I inadvertently say approximately every other second.

Life in the south in the summer is spectacular. There is nothing better than sitting by the river or humid evenings. Nothing. Today’s love list is inspired by memories of hot summer nights, melting ice cream, sweet tea, and the word y’all.

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

Little girls who say y’all. It’s no surprise that if 90% of the population says y’all a child will too but still…so freaking adorable in my book.

Wicker furniture. Classic and comfy. What I’m all about

Morning coffee on the porch. The air is so thick you feel like rain is suspended in it.

Yard sales. Summer = best time to revamp an apartment with some good new yet old finds.

Sun dresses. Cool, breezy, easy to pull off.

And, of course, the obligatory sweet/iced/sun tea. Any version of tea over ice makes me so happy I could explode.

It’s Friday, what are you in love with?